This essay is about the European Industrial Revolution.

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The Industrial Revolution was a very confusing time. People were jumping for joy yet some people were moping about it. There were many different perspectives on the Industrial Revolution at this time. It was a time of great change. In Andrew Ure: Philosophy of Manufactures, he seems to think that the Industrial Revolution is a very good thing and the factory conditions are outstanding. On the other hand, the romantic painting from class tells us that technology was ruining society.

In Andrew Ure’s article, he says, “I have visited many factories, both in Manchester and in the surrounding districts, during a period of several months, entering the spinning rooms, unexpectedly, and often alone, at different times of day, and I never saw a single instance of corporal chastisement inflicted on a child, nor indeed did I ever see children in ill-humor.” (Philosophy of Manufactures, Ure 1.) This statement can be very true yet very wrong at the same time.

Many of the factories during this time employed underage kids to long hours and harsh conditions. Many factories also gave employees good hours and even satisfactory working conditions. It all depended on where you were in Europe at the time. Even though some of the kids had good working conditions, they still should not have to work when they are just children. The factory owners saw opportunity when the machines came along. They could now fire all of the experienced people who could make quality goods that were paid five dollars a day. To replace them, they would go and recruit kids who would have to sit by a machine and get paid a dollar or two a day. Since they were just kids, factory owners could even get away with making the conditions worse, the kids wouldn’t complain to an...