This essay is about how the homosexual community is judged before people get to know them.

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Malicious Judgement Among Us

We, the People, have the problem of judging our leaders as well as each other. Why do we expect our hand chosen leaders to act as a god and not make any mistakes? According to the bible, in the book of Deuteronomy chapter one and verse seventeen says "Do not be afraid of any man, for judgment belongs to God." Even though, a strong opposition of judgement among people is written in a well known book that many of us accept, we still remain judgmental towards each other. This is a social injustice that our nation has come accepted throughout the years.

There are many examples of the judgement that a majority of people form towards each other on a daily bases. For example, when O.J. Simpson was on trial for murder, many of us decided that he was guilty even before the trial was underway.

Basing our reasoning on ' He just looks guilty', even though we were taught that looks are deceiving.

Another example of the judgement that we use among each other is the fact that we down each other when someone moves up in the political world. A common phrase that we use in this situation is 'He or She think they are all that since he or she got that new promotion.' We have a maliciousness towards each other when someone is moving up and we remain in the same place.

Some people have a strong disliking for individuals that are part of the homosexual community. For instance, there have been teachers that are homosexual and did not bring their intimate life into their work place, yet they were still terminated from their jobs because of their choice of sexual partners. These teachers were well qualified to teach by show of...