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Current Issues

Issue 16

For some the issue of immigration has become a matter of whether or not it damages us as a nation. The idea or definition of a nation has changed in part to immigration. It seems that we are no longer a nation that is united as one, we are flooded by many different forms of religion, beliefs and even different languages. It also seems that Americans no longer seem to have the same ideals or follow what is termed the American creed, but is this due to immigration. After all, this country was founded by immigrants seeking a better way of life and freedom from persecution. Should Americans hypocritically close their borders? In the beginning of the first article is a quotation from an old Sioux chief to a former vice president. The chief offers his advice to the vice president saying "Be careful with your immigration laws.

We were careless with ours." Many people today believe that this might be the case, with a number of Latin Americans as well as Mexican Americans claiming that they wish to take back what was previously there's, such as California and other northern states. One of the main question or arguments about immigration is whether or not it damages our economy and culture. Many can argue that it does by giving numerous statistics about the percentage of immigrants that are on welfare, in jail, unemployed and especially uneducated. However, there is also data that shows the amount of immigrants that hold high level jobs, and are which are highly educated. Some of these immigrants even invented Java, a form of computer language that opened up many jobs for native born Americans. These immigrants also hold many of the lower level jobs that Americans do not want. These immigrants also create higher demand for American goods, which in returns helps our economy. The issue of national security may be an immigration issue. However, there are many immigrants that are hard working individuals that seek only and honest days' pays. The job of national security needs to shift to focus on terrorist rather than immigrants.