Essay on the invasion of Iraq

Essay by BigWolfCollege, UndergraduateA, March 2003

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Invasion of Iraq

My essay is on the column written by Mike Wolff on page 10. It says the invasion of Iraq is ' ridiculous and dangerous '. I could not agree with him more. President Bush doesn't really have enough hard evidence to start war. I am against staring a war right now. It seems as if Bush is the only one who wants to start a war. The American people don't. The United Nations doesn't.

I think that Bush is trying to manipulate the American people so close to the anniversary of 9/11. This would be his second war in one year. I think he is trying to get brownie points. He wants to look like a good guy. This would be his second war in one year. And he still hasn't finnsed the first one. We still don't know if Bin Ladden is dead.

Bush didn't even wait for congress to approve.

It has gotten so out of hand that it seems we are not a democracy any more. When we don't even have say when we should and shouldn't go into war things are twisted. I thought the country was supposed to be governed by the people. I guess the whole country was wrong.

I don't think that America is ready for another war. These war that he president wants is a different type of war. The war on terrorism is not a war against a country. It is against a small group. When we went into Afghanistan we had it's surrounding countries approval. This time nobody is getting involved. And Bush wonders why our allies' disapprove.

I think Bush needs to find harder evidence to wage war. He also needs a better explanation on why taxpayers will be paying for a war. Don't get me...