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my name is Louis Pasteur I was a French chemist that dedicated my life to science and finding cures for people. My discoveries saved a countless number of lives. I made the cures for things like polio, anthrax, worm diseases, chicken cholera, and rabies. My story begins being born on December 27 of 1822 in France. I was the third child in the family. When I was in school they used to think I was a daydreamer and slow but I was really the opposite. I would just take my time on tests to make sure they were right. I was interested in art and drawing and at one time was considering a career as an artist. I got my bachelor of letter degree at Colledge Royale de Bescon. I continued my studies and received a Master of Science degree in 1845 as well as a Doctor of Science degree in 1847.

My first important discovery was that crystals were structured differently based on the facets of the crystal being studied. They broke down differently. This information may not rock your world, so to speak, but was very important in my prime.

In 1854, Mr Bigo from the wine-making industry was having trouble keeping his alcohol products made from fruits and vegetables from going bad. He asked me for help. I saw tiny blobs under the microscope, which turned sugar into alcohol. If other rod-shaped microbes were found, I believed that the fermentation was spoiled. Some of the greatest scientists joked and made me cry about this until I proved those fruits who's boss and the alcohol-making industries followed my advice on how to keep the tiny blobs from turning into other microbes and prevented contamination. They were happy when they made money. From my publication on fermentation it...