This essay is an observational piece written in my freshman year of college. It gives a detailed description of the father of the bride dance at a wedding.

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Butterfly Kisses.

It's September seventeenth, around five o'clock in a small hall located above a local fire house. The room is considerably crowded with family and friends of a young couple married earlier that afternoon. The faint smell of chicken and gravy lingered as dessert was being set up to the far right, I could already taste the strawberries and fondue. The crowd was applauding the first dance of the bride and groom when the DJ announced the father of the bride dance over the loud speaker. The clapping ceased as the proud father walked to his daughter and grabbed her hand. She followed him to the dance floor and the lights dimmed as a disco ball lowered from the ceiling.

When the intro of "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle played they looked at each other's eyes, then locked arms and hands. They began shifting from one foot to the other along with the beat occasionally turning.

The song playing held an extra sentimental value because he would play it for her, before they exchanged butterfly kisses, every night as a little girl. Only the second lyric, "she was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl", was reached before tears began trickling down his face, which triggered her to tear up. In that instant, she then wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer and rested her forehead on his shoulder; a simultaneous, "awww" was let out among the admirers. She held the essence of a little girl in need of security and comfort of her father.

Everyone was fixated on the duo dancing in the spotlight. To look at all the faces, there was not one person who didn't seem touched by the movie-like scene. The verse, starting out with a dad talking...