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"The Test"

Having confidence, and believing in students, should be a value all teachers strive to uphold. I have chosen to relate the story, "The Test" to education. The following paper will outline the comparisons I have made between the story and education.

Throughout my reading of "The Test", I chose to view Mrs. Ericson as a teacher authority, and Marian as a student. I believe that the inspector represents our society at large. He maintains opinions, and prejudices that are constantly being challenged even today. It is my opinion that "The Test" is a symbolic war between society and the individual. I will discuss this further within this paper.

It was evident to me even at the beginning of the text, that Mrs. Ericson was quite fond of Marian. She is portrayed as being genuinely compassionate towards Marian's possible nervousness. Within our class discussion on "The Test", some students offered the argument that Mrs.

Ericson was not genuinely compassionate at all, but that she was only behaving as such because the results of her doing so would ultimately benefit herself. I do not believe this to be true. Although it is possible that Mrs. Ericson would be selfish in her desires to have Marian pass her driving exam, the text made many references to a friendship-like relationship between the two, that wouldn't be necessary if Mrs. Ericson were solely acting on her own interests.

The first example in the text that I found of Mrs. Ericson abusing her "teacher status" was when she suggested to Marian that she bribe the inspector in order to pass. Although I believe that Mrs. Ericson had confidence in Marian's abilities to drive, she was well aware of the fact that she may not pass due to "societies" opinions...