This essay states that the death penalty is an effective punishment in some respects. It gives both fact and statistics and proves a very good point.

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Is the Death Penalty an Effective Punishment? Yes. In at least one

important respect, it is. It simply cannot be argued that a

killer, once executed, can ever kill again. The Death Penalty does

not stop people from killing others. The only thing it does stop is

killers from killing people again. Some statistics indicate that Capital

Punishment has killed more blacks then whites and more poor then rich.

There is nothing wrong with the Death Penalty. If someone kills another

they should be punished. This process cost over 400,000 of dollars.

I would say my that money is well spent. If it is going to stop a crazy

man from killing again then so be it. I don't know if it is immoral

or cruel. I do know that no human should be able to play the part of God

or the Devil. People are suppose to live and die, we can't make someone

live if there no life.

We can stop someone from dying when there alive.

Were not suppose to kill others. I do not think that a child the age of

12 and older should get away with murder just because there so young.

Adults think they wouldn't understand death. I knew what death was when

I was in 5th grade I was nine and my Grandfather died. I knew what that

ment. I don't think it is right for a man that is 18 to be punished to

the Death Penalty for killing a man. When a twelve year old boy who was

playing with his daddy's gun and kills his best friend doesn't get but

more then a few years in jail. Kids have a lot of power now days and

some think they can get away with murder. I don't think it...