This essay tells about a few people that have made the world a better place and how.

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Changing the World

For this assignment I was asked to write a report on someone who has changed the world, or at least the town. I don't know anything about this town because I just moved here, and I was going to write about Bill Gates, or the President, but than I got to thinking. I don't think that any one person made the world a better place. One person will come up with a concept, but it takes followers to make it a reality. So for this report, if I can, I am going to write about all of the people, famous or not, that have made the world a better place.

The world is a place where people can be overcome with euphoric elation, and someone a block away from them can be feeling agonized and depressed. A place where everything is as you look at it, and sometimes not.

Humans make earth the most fascinating object, because we are on it. Robert Louis Stevenson put it best in his book; "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" which throws out that every person has a good and a bad side to them. Sense the beginning of time, people have been killing and plotting. At first it was how to kill the animals, than how to build a fire, and so on until we came to how to build an Atomic Bomb. We are slowly learning more and more about how we can ruin the planet and kill everything on it. But along with learning more about how to demolish it, we are learning how to keep harmony among the people of earth.

Sense the beginning of time, we have had people trying to make the world better. From Greek mythology, Hercules was a symbol of heroism. The myth says...