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Although, at the present time, Thai movies are more entered into the world’s entertainment market, many people even Thais prefer to Hollywood movies more than Thai movies. There are several differences between them in regard to popular aspects which make Hollywood movies are more famous. First, homosexual, in Thai movies, is chosen to be one of the characters because of their funny personality. In contrast, we can hardly see those people in Hollywood movies since the Hollywood movies’ producers do not like to make money from being homosexual. It seems like we despise and discriminate those as we see that being is a kind of joke. Then those people less appear in Hollywood movies than Thai movies. In addition, there are so many themes, such as, thriller, romantic and sci-fi, are shown in Hollywood movies. But most of Thai movies’ theme is always only horror or comedy. In other words, Thai’s and Hollywood’s share some similarities concerning with the themes of movies, however, Hollywood movies are more various.

As human being, people are usually loved to have numerous choices in which ways to decide what they have to choose, like seeing a movie. Thirdly, Plot-the series of events which form the story of a film-is very important for the story’s proceeding. Film directors have to form a good and new plot that will always surprise the audience. In Hollywood movies, their plots are so various and new, hence, it is not boring like Thai movies which are often be the same old plot. For instance, the plot about falling in love between lovers is always seen; hero and heroine were angry with one another at the first time they have met then they have got to be together and fell in love at the end. So we can predict what will happen next in the film that we are watching. And it makes us not surprised or impressed with the film in most of Thai movies. Still, Thai movies, recently, begin to edit the plot to be different. Lastly, the budget is involved into producing a good film. Hollywood’s budget, as we know, is certainly higher than Thai films. But sometimes, directors of Thai film throw a huge budget down to film producing to make them break into the world’s film market. In brief, Thai movies and Hollywood movies are so different though; both of them always make us happy and joyful right through the spirit of the films.