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The purpose of this paper is to review the issues of professional ethics, breach of confidentiality, whistle blowing, public and private morality and the impact of social responsibility as they relate to a hypothetical case involving a Mr. Doe an executive of a Nonprofit organization engaged in building affordable housing for the homeless and contractors who authorized to fraudulently build a house in Mr. Manders property without his knowledge although it was written clearly in the report submitted by the two independent surveyors he hired, that the land in which is been built is illegitimate.

Discussion of Ethical Issues

There are two main ethical issues which are involved in this case study. The two surveyors have the choice of staying quite or they can do whistle blowing which is one who is concerned 'totally or predominantly motivated by notions of public interest, who initiates of his or her own free will an open disclosure about significant wrongdoing in a particular occupational role to a person or agency capable of investigating the complaint and facilitating the correction of wrongdoing and who suffer accordingly.'(Maria

1999). If they stay quite there are different outcomes and impacts that will raise and if they blow the whistle many more problems will arise but the two independent surveyors will show that they are professionals and will abide by the law that they have accepted towards professional ethics which 'concern one's conduct of behavior and practice when carrying out professional work.'(Davison 2004).

One more issue is that the Nonprofit Executive, Mr. Doe is behaving as if he does not care of what is going to happen to other people such as Mr. Mander nor having problems with the law. He is simply focusing what his nonprofit organization is aiming at, that is building a house on...