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Hitler's Thoughts Mimicked in his Actions

Michelle Agyemang­Amoako 7.14.14


Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the town of Braunau. He grew up in a poor,

low­class family with his mother and father. As a kid, Hitler wasn't the smartest, but instead known for

good leadership skills and his popularity. After dropping out of school at the age of fifteen, Hitler tried to

pursue careers in art and the army. Sadly they ended with denial and a stage of blindness. While fighting

in the first World War, Hitler was injured and taken to the hospital. During this time, he was said to have

faced a time of depression, which may have contributed in his cold­hearted behavior in upcoming years1

. After such a stage, Hitler got into politics and quickly gained followers. In doing so, he was able to

easily convince people and get his way through them. He continued to gain followers up to the point to

where he became an official dictator. His actions indeed made a statement to the world. But the

question is how did his actions reflect his thought. Hitler's actions mimicked his thoughts many time

during his dictatorship. He established the Hitler Youth groups for boys and girls which showed how he

expected his legacy to go on. Hitler built concentration camps for the races that he thought were

nonhuman. Lastly, his thoughts were reflected through eugenics in order to assemble an Aryan


Initially, Hitler's actions reflect his thoughts though the Hitler Youth program. The Hitler's Youth

program was a program for young people. It taught all the principles of the Nazi Party. Hitler

established this program to ensure that his legacy and principles will be passed on to generations. He

thought that if he invested in the youth, they...