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Sai Karan R Uppugalla

457 Lincoln Blvd

Hauppauge 11788 NY, USA

November 5, 2014

The Noble Foundation

P.O. Box 5232

Sturegatan 14, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear, Noble Prize Committee

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or "Mahatma Gandhi" is one of the world's famous leader he is known for his great deeds which lead to Independence of India, and he is also known as peace icon for using nonviolence to fight the British. Every person is cognizant that Gandhi is altruistic person yet, he never received the Noble Peace Prize. Honoring Gandhi with this prize would assuage many Indian's desire. Dedicating the Noble peace Prize would be a great honor to him; I am writing this letter show why Gandhi should receive the noble peace prize and adulation from the committee.

Mohandas Gandhi is an important individual to our society, he started out from submissive beginnings, he was born to a merchant class family on October 2nd of 1869, born in a rich family he enjoyed all the luxuries.

His father and mother were honest and the most respected people in the town ( According to Hamilton "As a youngster, Gandhi was not a good student. He did not show enthusiasm for either his studies or sports" (The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2014) Gandhi was very mischievous when he was young, he used to drink and eat meat, which goes against his religion, hoping for him to change Gandhi's parent got him married to Kasturi Bai when he was 13, after his secondary education he was sent to England to study Barrister or current day Law. (, He came back to India practiced law in Bombay, later he got an opportunity to work in South Africa, and he almost spent 20 years there.

Gandhi while he was working in South Africa...