Euducation in the black community

Essay by yvj01 October 2004

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Education, this is a passion for me. I love knowledge and it empowers me.

Education sets me free to think in a different way. I feel that if a person is lost, and can't find their way, and then their soul's seems to be lost, so they just can't get it together. I feel that a book on the subject of any problem you're facing a book can help you, and set you free. Trust me, it will work for you.

My choosing of this topic "Your theory of education," is a very powerful statement, which I embrace everyday, and every minute of the day. Learning never stops, no matter what age you are, what your ethnic background, or the culture you are from. The search for the thirst for knowledge is the key to education, and I have always kept this philosophy of learning. You can not search for knowledge or upward mobility without education being the prerequisite.

In our black community there are a lot of people not educated. Maybe, more than half of our youth do not take this hunger for knowledge seriously. Their crusade for knowledge has not begun to develop. The thirst for education is not there; maybe they were not introduced formerly with a subject or book that would have sparked a Kindle that turned on the insatiable quench for learning. This quenchless thirst is never satisfied, ever. It has to be fed endlessly with more and more books, traveling, lectures, workshops on many different subjects, and endless searches for higher levels of educational knowledge. Our youth has to be stimulated; they have to be taught to acquire an ongoing urge that is like a bottomless pit and unlimited levels of sequestering for books. They have to learn that there is a happier life...