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- The issue identified is one of culture. Whether this concept is exportable across international boundaries.

The Issue of Culture

- Disney attempted to imbue the park with European flavour, and the names of certain attractions were changed in order to be less American. Evidently, a balanced integration of American and European ingredients wasn't achieved, and this in turned caused an identify crisis.

- The cultural issue was also present in simple things such as eating habits. Europeans were not accustomed to eating meals off hours (snacking) and walking around with their food. In addition, wine wasn't offered on the premises.

- Europeans are not very tolerant of long waiting hours, which are an inevitable factor in theme parks.

- Disney had to face ideological resistance, harsh criticism from intellectuals, and an attitude of anti American "cultural imperialism".

The Work Force

- Disney expected employees to play a role, not to do a job, and this seemed to have clashed with the European sense of identity.

Service standards were not met that existed in other Disney parks.

- Management failed to share Disney's core values with the staff.

- Employees were resistant to accept certain rules like strict dress code imposed by Disney.

The Solution

- Disney standards are too strict. There seems to be too much focus on the theoretical part of the service culture, and not enough concern as to the actual practice.

- HRM practices.

Eurodisney Problems and Resolutions

Major problem the company faces

- The problem that they had to face was to adapt an American organisation in a suburb of Paris, Marne La Vallee.

- The company didn't realise that some adaptations were needed in order to be a success and to attract European visitors. In Europe you have to answer to many different tastes...