How euthanasia should be legalized.

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Euthanasia is a big controversy in the society today. According to the "Oxford Dictionary," Euthanasia (yoo-thã-nay-ziã) is defined as: the bringing about of a gentle and easy death for a person suffering from a painful incurable disease. Euthanasia helps bring a peaceful and painless death. People wont have to go through painful incurable diseases. People have the right to what they want and instead of committing suicide they can die with dignity. Euthanasia should be legalized so people who are suffering from pain can die in high spirits. Euthanasia can end painful human suffrage.

Euthanasia helps bring a peaceful and painless death. The patients are put to sleep by means of lethal injections. First the patient is put through anesthetic drugs and then the patient is either given pentobarbital for rapid unconsciousness and death, or potassium chloride, which is cardio-toxic, meaning it will cause the heart to stop working.

The patients are also given many other lethal and toxic drugs. By using this sort of method the patient doesn't go through painful death. In the end the patients may rest in peace. "Sue Rodriguez, a mother in her early thirties, died slowly of Lou Gehrig's disease. She lived for several years with the knowledge that her muscles would, one by one, waste away until the day came when, fully conscious, she would choke to death. She begged the Courts to reassure her that a doctor would be allowed to assist her in choosing the moment of death. They refused. She lived on in terror, helped eventually by a doctor who, in February 1994, covertly broke the law to help her die in peace. A law on assisted suicide with rigorous safeguards could have saved her the nightmare during those months before her death, given her the confidence to...