To reinstate or not to reinstate the draft?

Essay by madeinrussia20 February 2007

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I do not agree with the reinstitution of the military draft. As a female in my late teens and one with many views on different issues around the world, I feel it is my best bet to take an open minded approach to the issue of reinstating the military draft for both males and females in the United States. One should face this question not from a sexist point of view but from a human one. Therefore I feel every individual should have the right to choose whether they want to physically go and fight for their country or help and show their gratitude in other ways. Being an American everyone has a duty to help their country when in need but whether its directly on the battlefield or from home supplying products to those overseas is still a way of providing their assistance. After all as a free country isn't that what our rights allow us, to choose how to live our lives?

If a woman were to get drafted into the military at the age of eighteen directly out of high school, her life from that point on has basically been taken away from her.

As a woman myself I know that no girl or woman that I personally know at my age is physically able to go out onto the battlefield and fight for their country. Females in this modern day era are not brought up in the manner that they need to fight, bear firearms or live in a desert for months in a row. So if a woman were to suddenly get sent to Iraq to me that is like asking for suicide because she's probably going to die in training before she even gets to the battlefield. That is why women...