Gay Marriages

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Amendment 2

U.S. Constitutional Amendment Proposal

The Marriage Bill that didn't pass in the Senate with the intent to change the US

Constitution to specifically discriminate against taxpaying American citizen is an


The very idea of the government allowing the Christian Right (which is neither)

to control the overall thinking, is ridiculous. The statement to separate "Church from

State" is being overlooked. The Gay and Lesbian community has been recently ridiculed

within each of our individual 50 states about whether they are capable of rearing children,

whether they can marry, make love, so on. Let's go on the flip side to further display how

this type of discrimination hits many. Let say they took this law and said they no longer

will allow overweight people to marry. That rewriting the Constitution states there is a

weight limit. If anyone weighs more than 225 lbs. They cannot marry. Can you imagine

the impact this would have on Americans? Who statistically are the heaviest and most

obese people in the world? Can you imagine how this steps all over their rights of human


Now, I am not comparing homosexuality with obesity.

Being a homosexual is not

a choice. It's a birth right. In the American Indian culture, homosexuals were considered

'spiritual'. They were respected, as a gift from the Gods. Going back in biblical history

King Solomon allowed of his only son to marry his best Knight, another man in which

they were both in love with. In the book of Ruth, Ruth chose to leave her life and her

people and join her life with her female friend and her people. If the Christian Right is

trying to say homosexuality is an abomination, and uses the Bible as their source, we

Amendment 3

need to ask them about these...