Evaluate the idea of Amehotep 3's Reign as being a Golden Age

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Amenhotep's reign as Pharaoh came at a time when all the wars had been won and the empire of Egypt had been established as the most powerful in the known world. "His role was to maintain and protect what already existed" - Kate Cameron. The Idea of a golden age is characterised by peace, prosperity, wealth, confidence, power and stability, of a society or empire, all of which existed within the 38 years of A3's Reign.

"Amenhotep ruled his empire through diplomacy rather than force." - Pamela Bradley

Due to his personal interest in affairs of the state but also in the men he appointed to Administer his empire, the most prominent of which were, Amenhotep son of hapu, Merimose and Sebekhotep. His great royal wife Tiye also had an unquestioned influence on the reign.

The economy boomed during A3's reign, Egypt had a steady flow of gold coming in from the gold mines in Sudan, of which the Viceroy of Kush Merimose was in charge, he was a prominent man in administration.

Sebekhotep, as overseer of the treasury was in charge of the distribution of that wealth. "Amenhotep surrounded himself with a group of brilliant administrators" - Pamela Bradley. International Trade with the Aegean islands and Nubia and Western Asia helped to diversify the types of precious objects in the nation and established Egypt as an international power to peaceful countries. Tributes to the temples also helped bring in extra wealth for the administration of the empire.

Egypt's ability to trade was due mainly to the friendly relations maintained between A3 and the kings of the lands surrounding him as Pamela Bradley notes. As is seen in the Amarna letters. Gift exchanging also occurred between the kings of the local lands. Diplomatic Marriages were used maintain and strength...