An Evaluative Essay on the film "Thirteen Days"

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An Evaluative Essay on the film "Thirteen Days"

"Thirteen Days" is about one of the most chilling events in the history of the world. The story is of the Cuban Missile Crisis, an event that took place in thirteen days during October, 1962 when the United States and the Soviet Union stood on the brink of nuclear war. It is hard to present a film where the outcome is already known; however, director Roger Donaldson attempts to use many elements to bring the story to life. The story is seen through the eyes of Kenneth O'Donnell, played by Kevin Costner, as a political advisor to the president. Flashy cut scenes are added at seemingly random intervals to show the assemblage of the Soviet missiles or the effects of a nuclear bomb exploding. Color and black-and-white cinematic styles are used to help take the viewer back in time and to relive the most dangerous period in the Cold War.

A good job is done at teaching the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis but the film is stretched to long and would be better served as a mix between a movie and a historical documentary.

Having the movie shown through the eyes of a famous actor was a good decision for the movie. Thirteen Days begins with the ordinary "family man" (Costner) being interrupted at his morning breakfast with information of the events that are going to begin to unfold in front of us. Costner playing as Kenneth O'Donnell plays a loud and demanding advisor to the president whom, with a horrible Boston accent, attempts to defuse the situation with many suggestions and opinions. Costner's role has you watch as he sits in on the many debates and arguments as how to deal with the Soviet...