Everyday man kind is building more and more for a

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Everyday man kind is building more and more for a better,faster world. And yet also unknowingly destroying and making twice the amount of problems. Man is building towards a brighter future, but does that future really look that bright? SmogmHazardous chemicals,pollution...Global Warming. All of these factors are pollutants left by the industrial empire of greed we seem to all desire. The future is for making life easier and more simpler. Picture this, your in the future and you wake up, but you don't have to lift a finger because everything is Mechanicly done for you or by Mekas. Not to mention that diabetes is one of the number one disases in North America. But in the end Greed,eastfulness,laziness and just no respect for the planet and enviroment will lead human kind to be fat,Lazy people filled with tumors and cancer, living in a hot ,lifless toxic wasteland...sounds nice huh? No wonder Man wants to live on Mars...

The toxic chemicals in the air has caused Global Warming. Where their is a permenant hole in the Ozone layer has made the Sun's harmful UVB and UVA rays twice as strong. Leading to skin Cancer. But human's can stop sun Cancer by slathering on a powerful Sun screen. Another inconvience for us, but man is always trying to be lazy so thier will proberly some day be a simple little pill to take,which would protect you from the sun for a year. But then the side effects from the pill would cause you severe headaches, so you'd take a smaller pill for that. You see,it's like the rolling snoball effect. Once yous start, more just keeps piling on. In all of thism Animals are animals are always the true victims. The world's enviroment is already starting to go out of whack. One example of this is the Arctic, Polar bears are starting to move south because of thier habitat, the Polar ice caps are starting to melt. Man can adapt easily,but animals do not. So they are the innocents.

Garbage, no matter what,every man made material that has been maufactered in a way that will someday be toxic waste. But what will we do? Ever see that episode of the Scifi T.V. show futurerama? Where they rocket all the worlds garbage into space but then it comes back hurling down to them later as a comet? This is good example a Man's stupidity toward the future. Hopefully that will never happen to us, or the future.

Toxic Chemicals, including pesticides are nowadays almost everywhere. In the air,as pollution from cars ect. In the water m from boats, ships, toxic waste, and even our drinking water,chlorine ect. But of coarse,what effects the sky is going to effect the water, like acid rain. And on the land like toxic pesticides and herbacides. Man uses them to make our lwans picture perfect. But is man's vision of perfection vs Nature. Scine these chemicals where used in the 1960's Cancer resulting in death has signifiqly raised in the past 40 years. My mother who had cancer, swore it was because of all the toxic chemicals rhey used on the plants when she worked at the botanical gardens when she young. Is that the lawn you want your future children to play on? It's just grass, that is causeing extingtion to many rare insict and bird life. Not to mention harming many others. Again wildlife are the victims. Another reason why we use toxics chemicals on our lwan is because of lazines. Instead of taking the time to take out the weeds by hand, we simply sparay some chemicals. But the scary thing is that thier everyehere,maybe even things you don't even know about. A big example is cosmetics,shampoo,deoderant,ect. But thier could even be chemicals in what you consme. But will talk about that later. One horribly new product out on the market is Febreeze, a easy spray which can wisp away bad odours almost like magic. But the magic had been researched to be harmful to animals because it contains a harmful chemical called zinc chloride. But if this can harm animals, then pherhaps it could pose a future threat to humans. Instead of carfully cleaning the object, humans can be lazy and. My mother always said that natural is healthy. But thankfully thier are people trying to ban harmful chemicals as much as possible.

In case you thought you were safe from toxic chemicals, think again. Genetically Modified Organic, or for short,GMO's. GMO's is where scientists geneitcally enguneer things that would never have happened in nature, for a better cause. Ferinstince like a cow that gives off nutrious Cancer fighting milk. Man is playing god with Biotechnology. GMO's are the quick and easy fix to the worlds hungerm for the time being that is. Who know's what horrible health and enviroment problems will occur in the future. Some developing countries like Thailand, refused to grow GMO's. But sadly, Canada seems to look up to it. For man's mistakes we might someday pay the price. The beautiful and rare monarch butterfly is becoming extinct because os the GMO corn which the butterfly consumes.

Biotechnology as applied to agriculture usually means the implantation into one living species of genes from another, often unrelated,species,extending to the transfer of genes from animals to plants. The intent of this process is to inject specific characteristics that, is hoped, will improve the plant or animal in some way,wheter by increasing crop,resisting rot,growing faster,resisting cold tempertures, or taste. usally it's the taste. A example of this is stone fruit such as Plumcots. Plum cots are made up of %50Plum and 50% Apricot. Together they you have a "Plumcot". This is the yet one of the wirdest things. Who knows what effect they will have on wildlife. But it does'ent hit the market untill around Winter 2003. Thousands of product may be on yout selves that could contain geneiticlly modified ingredients. The sad thing is that you can't tell what your consuming, because there are no real laws that allow the produce to be labbeled or not.