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Everyday Use Dee stands out from her family in views of their heritage In Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use" she discuss the life of an African American family of a mother and her two daughters. The mother has a tremendous amount of love for both of her daughters, but the two are different individuals in terms of their personality. Maggie, the younger of the two, was much like her mother. Her and the mother both thought of themselves to be shy, not well spoken, and unattractive. But Dee, the oldest daughter, turned out to be totally opposite. She was very outgoing, well spoken, and very much attractive. Dee's difference in her personality compared to Maggie and her mother can be the leading effect in her having different opinions of the family's heritage.

A family's heritage can be a very important part in its tradition. The word heritage means; something that is passed down from preceding generations.

This details that heritage has a lot to do with customs, property, reputation, and things of this sort. In Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use" the story begins off by mentioning a possession that can be obtained from inheritance. The mother (or protagonist) describes the yard as being comfortable than most people know. She says, "It is like an extended living room." (351) Another prized possession of the family was the first house that they lived in. Apparently they felt comfortable living there, because when it was burned in a fire they moved to another one that was almost identical. Contrary to her mother and Maggie, the oldest daughter Dee, hated the house and the environment they lived in. The mother mentions in the story how Dee acted like she wanted to do a dance around the...