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Much of the evil in this world is the product of mankind's lust for money, and what some people will do for it. The quote, "Love of money is the root of all evil," emphasizes how our society revolves around money, and how the prosperity of someone is generally how they are judged. Prostitution, Organized Crime, and Poverty are all evils created by money.

Organized Crime is committed for money (99% of the time). The Mafia is a perfect example of money (for the most part) controlling people, and bringing them to do things that they normally wouldn't be able to do. The Mafia is a large group of people, who do many illegal, and immoral things for money. Some examples of Mafia involvement are as heinous as murder, and assault. Most illegal activities involving the Mafia are done for a large sum of money as a payment. Drug dealers make illegal, and harmful substances for people, and then sell them for large amounts of money.

Knowing that people could become extremely ill, or even die from consuming these products, the government has made selling them a serious offence, but the dealers ignore this in a dangerous attempt to "earn" money-even with the knowledge that they may be killing people.

Many people choose to engage in activities, which take away from your human dignity for money such as prostitution. Prostitutes have sex with people for money, which is one of the most in dignifying acts imaginable. From prostitution, violence and rape often occur, because people may not want to pay the money, or the "pimp-daddy" may get angry with a client for whatever reason. Quite often, prostitutes will use the money that they make for buying illegal drugs, and alcohol.

Poverty is a direct product of mankind's love for...