The Evolution of the Cell Phone

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I remember seeing my first cell phone when I was in college in the early 90's; it was quite large I remember it being grey and resembled something like a half of a cement block. It was rather cumbersome and hard to walk around with, not to mention have a lengthy conversation on. It felt like a refrigerator with a huge antenna and you had to take this around everywhere you went. Such a device of course required a backpack on one's back that could hold the battery which was large enough to provide power to the greater Atlanta area for approximately ten years. Somehow, however, it would always seem to go dead right when you actually needed it. The funniest thing is that they decided to market it as the pocket phone. I'm really not sure whose pocket it could really fit into but it sure as heck could not fit into mine.

These phones were a backup to your home phone, basically a luxury item; only a few could afford to buy them and pay the monthly bills. Service was extremely expensive and so most kept their use down to a minimum. I remember my friends who had cell phones back then would come in complaining when they got the bills; it seemed to be always above $500. These phones were also very unsecure, hackers could clone your phones and use your numbers to make international calls and you would have no idea how that happened. I do not think it had any special features other than the obvious ability to make phone calls.

Cell Phone CamerasCell phones have come a long way since then; it has only been 10 years since the first camera was incorporated into a cell phone and that started oddly enough with one...