The Evolution of Statutes Analyze the morals of Hammurabi, the Jews, and Dracon (and possibly Solon) with respect to the modern era and its morals.

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The Evolution of Statutes

It is often said, and quite accurately at that, that history repeats itself. One might say that every day is a new day, and rightly so. What we misinterpret is not that we enter into a new day, but that because it is a new day everything is new. Therein lies our fault. Today might be a new day, but the statutes and morals that make the day are anything but new.

One must realize that the statutes (laws) of Hammurabi, the Jews, and Dracon will probably not apply to us because their culture was greatly different from ours. For example, the ancient custom of a dowry for marriage is no longer practiced in American society, although gifts are given. This is because our society views women in a different light than Middle Eastern societies. For example, in the Middle East many parents still prearrange marriages for their children when they are young.

Our society emphasizes freedom of choice, allowing our women to date and choose their mate. Women in Middle Eastern society have strict limitations upon them because of the religion that they follow. Jewish women from the Middle East are traditionally brought up in accordance with the Torah, while Muslim women from the Middle East are raised following the Qu'ran. Thus, because the culture and religion differs from that of our own, their laws will be molded around how they live their lives, not ours. Different cultures have different laws, with the exception of few fundamental laws which allow any society to function.

For example, society (the citizens) regards stealing as wrong. This does not mean that everyone regards stealing as wrong, but that the majority agrees that it is not right to do so (idea of political correctness). As the legendary King Solomon...