Evolutionary Trends in Organizational Behavior

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Shelly M Husch

University of Phoenix

Evolutionary Trends in Organizational Behavior

October 24, 2008

"Organizations exist to provide goods and services that people want." (George & Jones, 2005) To understand organizational behavior it must be observed and analyzed. Analyzing organizational behavior provides an insight of the many forces that behavior affects organizational behavior (George & Jones, 2005). The way organizations allow employees to behave, and how well they handle behavioral issues determines the success of a company, in order to be successful companies have to have and maintain a positive atmosphere to provide the utmost service to their number one assets; which are the customers. Organizational behavior has evolved from the time when businesses first came about years ago.

Evolutionary change is a gradual, incremental and narrowly focused (George & Jones, 2005). Evolutionary changes are not a sudden an attempt to improve and adjust strategies it is a long process that takes place so that companies and employees can adapt and understand.

An example of a gradual improvement is utilizing technology in a better way is utilizing technology in a better way, such as new computer software it has to be installed, debugged and used under a trial period to make certain that the software is compatible with the computer and the business structure. The second example is reorganizing the work process, which takes time because employees need to adjust and adapt to the new work process, especially if the employee has been with the company for many years (George & Jones, 2005).

Evolutionary changes work for best companies that are ahead of the new business trends and technological advances. For the companies that are behind on new business trends technological advances evolutionary changes are not an option and for those companies revolutionary changes may be necessary.

Revolutionary changes are...