Examine the ways in which males and females are represented in the mass media.

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Males and females are represented in totally different ways. Men are shown as dominant, active and authoritative and women are shown as passive and submissive. Media uses these stereotypes so the public can instantly recognise these people.

In pornography women are presented as sex objects and non-human beings although it is only a small majority of people who look at pornography it is becoming more and more as there is lots of videos, DVD's, internet and now there is pornographic pictures shown in men's magazines. In advertising women are usually shown in a domestic role or as a sex object. This is because adverts need to get the message across to the viewers quickly and by using stereotypes people will immediately recognise the role. Bretl and Cantor conducted a study and found that male and female roles occur equally in television adverts but males are still more likely to be shown as having an occupation where as females are shown indoors and as consumers.

In cinema the Hollywood blockbusters still use stereotypes men are in the more active roles and women are associated with romcoms. There are some strong female leads like Cameron Diaz but some films that use women as their assertive role don't receive as much money as films which have a male lead. In magazines women are depicted in terms of their domestic role or their sexuality there are two categories of magazines one of their focus on fashion and beauty and the other focus's on the three C's these are cooking, cleaning and caring. Ferguson argues that women's magazines lead a cult of femininity they tell people about how to be a woman they say what to wear, how to act and how to be feminine. She argues that men's magazines do not tell...