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Expansion to Mars

Mars is a small planet and even at most favorable times is never close to the Earth. It is 35 million miles away at the point where Mars is the closest to the Earth. This makes it difficult to observe details on the surface. Scientists, however, have found out that Mars is suitable for humans to expand to after a few adjustments of the atmosphere.

Moreover, if we could expand to Mars before our population doubles, this would double the land area availible to humanity. This would mean overcrowding of the Earth would be solved. We could be expected to start having maned missions to Mars in 2007, and having a return mission in 2011 to collect rocks and dirt samples for testing.

Mars's surface has many features like Earth and some others strangely different. Mars has some features such as: volcanoes, canyon systems, river beds, cratered terrain, and dune fields.

Mars gets its red color from rust on the soil, but if we took steps to expanding there we would plant grass and it would be like Earth's.

Furthermore Mars has a lower atmosphere meaning its thinner. The surface pressure of Mars is 1/100th's of the surface pressure on the Earth. The surface temperature on Mars averages from -113 degrees Celcius at the winter pole to 0 degrees Celcius on the dayside during summer. The atmosphers on Mars is composed mainly of carbon dioxide (93.3%), nitrogen (2.7%), and argon (1.6%), with small amounts of other gases. Oxygen, which is most important to us on the Earth makes up only 0.13% of the atmosphere on Mars.

Scientists are planning to put remote control vehicles with tires made of metal to plow the surface of Mars. The plowing of the surface will...