'Explain the importance of the Battle of Britain as a turning point of the Second World War.' An examination of the significance of the battle of Britain as a turning point in WW2.

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Explain the importance of the Battle of Britain as a turning point of the Second World War.

World War two was the most diverse conflict ever to take place. From its starting point in central Europe it then escalated to North Africa, Russia and the Pacific. Due to advances in military technology, such as tanks, submarines and improved aircraft, battles were no longer stagnant and drawn -out, instead conquests took weeks rather than years. In addition to technological improvements, Germany had developed radical new military tactics. Known as blitzkrieg, it involved concentrating forces in an attack as one weak point in the enemy lines, then, after having encircled the enemy the Germans would attack from two sides. The effectiveness of this tactic had a dramatic effect on the rate of the German advance. After the exponential growth of German occupied territory from 1939 to 1941, where German forces had remained undefeated, came a 2nd phase of the conflict.

German defeat in the Battle of Britain sparked a chain of other axis failures that eventually led to their defeat.

In the following sections of this essay I will focus on the importance of the Battle of Britain in relation to other key turning points in the 2nd World War. In an attempt to determine the extent of its influence on the outcome of the war.

From Britain's' declaration of war in 1939 until April 1940 no fighting occurred in Western Europe for around a year. Although this period offered little in terms of territorial exchange, it allowed Britain to make the necessary preparations that would prove so vital when the fighting finally commenced. Nicknamed 'The Phoney War', this period allowed not only for military preparations, but in addition the introduction of numerous measures to ensure the protection of civilians during the...