When did the Germans lose the 1939 -45 War

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When did the Germans lose the 39 -- 45 war?. This is a theory I would like to put forward for discussion. In late May 1940 my unit which was due to go to France was redeployed in south-east England. The detachment all 10 of us were deployed near Bolney in Sussex just North of Brighton. We had the standard S/L equipment, 90cm searchlight, sound locator, Lister generator, Lewis Gun (WW 1 light machine-gun) and each with a rifle and fifty rounds of ammunition. We waited while the news got worse and worse and the evacuation of the B.E.F. from Dunkirk and other ports started. It was obvious that, apart from the successful attack by 50 (Northumbrian) Division at Arras where they reached their objective but the French did not. The whole of the guns, supplies and equipment of the Expeditionary force was lost and the men were lucky to get back with their lives and rifles.

There have been millions of words written about the "Miracle of Dunkirk" perhaps it was a miracle! . But what was going to happen now? On June 4th Winston Churchill made his famous speech "we shall fight on the beaches," but who would be fighting on the beaches? At this stage I must point out that this is a view from the bottom looking up,as a 17 year old ( from the 1st June) in charge of a Lewis gun. All was quiet, the sun shone, and we helped the local farmer with his hay. Two or three days later the O C Section arrived with a London taxi, complete with driver, and we were informed that we were now mobile troops. ( For those that may not know ,the London taxi was a specially designed vehicle. The driver sat in a little...