Explaining two different SOCIALIST views of the changes introduce to the Labour Party since Tony Blair became the leader in 1994

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Definition of Socialism

Socialism is very wide term including a range of left wing political opinions and whole ranges of socialism try to create more equality and collective ownership by all the people of the factories, mills, mines, railways, land and all other instruments of production. Socialism means production to satisfy human needs and it means direct control and management of the industries and social services by the workers through a democratic government.

The socialist view of human nature indicates that human happiness depends on reshaping society according to socialist values. There are two main aims; one of them is that the promotion of greater equality by means of redistribution of resources from the wealthy to the rest and the other one is the organization of society through rational planning rather than by relying on market forces.

Therefore all type of socialism is against to capitalism which means wealth such as land and raw materials is owned by individuals rather than by state.

Because they believe capitalism exploits workers and creates inequality. But different strands of socialism have different ideas on this issue. For example, the leftist part of the socialism is Marxism and according to this, the market should be completely replaced by state action and some democratic socialists agree with that idea. In contrast social democrats believe capitalism can be controlled and can make fairer.

As there are couple of socialist ideas on the left wing, I am going to mention about the views of democratic socialism and social democracy on the changes in the Labour party after Tony Blair.

Democratic Socialism

Democratic socialism is a broad political movement propagating the ideals of socialism within the context of a democratic system. Democratic socialists would like to gain power from society in order to introduce hard line socialist programme...