What explanations are offered for violence against women? (A look at Biblical and media influence on violence against women)

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Undoubtedly violence against women is still rife within even our developed society and this violence can manifest itself emotionally, sexually and physically. This violence can have devastating consequences for all involved. There are many reasons for violence against women and this essay will look at some of these reasons.

Traditionally women have been seen as the weaker sex and men can often exploit this idea and use it as an excuse to be violent towards women. From early days the Bible taught that women were subject to men and this idea continues even today. Paul says:

"The head of every man is Christ, and the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God."

[1 Corinthians 11:3]

In the patriarchal society that the Bible was written in a female was seen to be a possession of a male, whether it be daughter, servant or wife and disciplining them was, of course, considered to be the responsibility of the man.

Many men nowadays still believe that this is their 'responsibility' and will exert this power in any way that they see fit.

Men who still hold these patriarchal beliefs often feel threatened by 'modern' women. That is to say that these men do not like the idea of women being independent and going out to work etc. Often these men utilise alternative methods to physical violence including the creation of a situation where a woman is economically dependant on him, where the money is his and she must ask him for money.

Another reason for violence against women is the general media portrayal of women. Women can often be portrayed in the media as promiscuous sex symbols readily available as and when men want them. Glamour modelling and, even more so, pornography fuel these beliefs. Glamour models like...