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1.IntroductionThe introduction of this report will be divided into two parts as:1.1About the Zen plasticsZen plastics are a manufacturer of moulded plastic products for both the consumer and trade market. The organisation has earned a good reputation for quality and consumer service in their home market. Yet now, they are attempting to enter new ways to enhance their growth and business performance.

1.2About the Report StructureFollowed with the introduction of the report, there will be reasons why marketing internationally would benefit Zen plastics, the most suitable strategic options to Zen plastics, Zen's objectives for international expansion and assessment of analysis and research methods.

2.Reasons Why Marketing Internationally BenefitsAs to Zen plastics, international trade, especially export, could be a favorable new way of further expansion. There are a multitude of benefits of export can be defined. To begin with, it provides Zen plastics with a larger market, in which additional sales and profits are expected to be earned.

And, in the overseas market, there are likely a huge number of potential consumers. In other words, it is a useful way to assist the organisation to gain more market share. Furthermore, Zen plastics might gain competitive advantage, or remain competitive power at least. For instance, the economic circumstance of globalisation might forces the company to enhance management, and the raw materials could be less expensive in global market. As a consequence, export assists Zen plastics in long term survival and continued growth.

3. The Best Suited International Strategic OptionsAs mentioned, a far-reaching new way of expansion is exporting, which can be divided into direct export and indirect export. Direct exporting enables the company more control over the export process. What's more, direct exporting brings about potentially higher profits. Moreover, since the company performance directly in export markets, they...