The Extent of Immigration on Canadian History

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Canada is very proud and well-known for its vast amount of immigration over hundreds of years. But to what extent has this immigration defined Canadian identity? Immigration has played a key role in shaping and forming Canadian identity. It is very clear that Canadian identity has been greatly influenced by immigration, due to the vast amount of ideas and other aspects of the immigrant culture that has been brought to Canada. One example of this is what the English contributed to Canadian identity. With them they brought a system of government which Canada uses today, as well as one of Canada's national languages, being English. British immigrants also brought a religion with them, which is widely practiced throughout the country. Due to the settling and ideas of both the French and English who immigrated to Canada, Canada has a very strong dual-culture. Many acts helped progress Canada to where it is now, such as the Quebec Act and the Act of Union (Laferriere).

The European settlement of Western Canada also had a strong effect on the shaping of Canadian identity.

The many ideas British immigrants brought with them largely helped shape Canadian identity. Canada's style of government is a major example of how strongly our identity has been influenced by the British immigrants. Canada is run under a constitutional monarchy. This means that a king or a queen acts as Canada's head of state, while the power to make decisions is under the control of the parliament, the leader of which being the Prime Minister. It is due to Britain that Canada adopted a system of government such as a constitutional monarchy, compared to a system more similar to that of the United States for example. The Queen of England is a major symbol in...