To what extent was the Warren Commission's interpretation an accurate decision?

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The Warren Commission's report is one based on many generalizations and assumptions and, as such, offers a fair amount of false and misleading conclusions and assertions which ultimately prevent the report from accuracy.

The largest, possibly most important, point made by the Warren Commission is that Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) and that he shot the American President "from the sixth floor window at the south-east corner of the Texas school book Depository". To support their case the Warren Commission further states that "Oswald possessed the capability with a rifle which enabled him to commit the assassination". This statement is made despite the fact that Oswald was an 'ungifted' shooter, scoring only 2 points over the minimum rating of "sharpshooter" in a Marine Corps test taken 21.12.1956 and later only one point over the minimum on a test taken 06.05.1959.

Another problem in the Warren Commission's report is that Oswald's 'accused' fire arm was a Mannlicher-carcano rifle, also known as the 'humanitarian rifle' due to its poor design which led to inadequate aiming and firing, even at short range.

Also worth noting is the fact that the rifle supposedly 'discovered' at the depository was designed for a left-handed shooter (Oswald being right-handed) and that the scope was crooked making an accurate shot near impossible. This, along with the fact that no-one, till this day, has been able to re-create the shots that allegedly killed JFK and wounded governor Connally causes great doubts over the Warren Commission's findings.

The Warren Commission also heavily contradicts itself concerning the circumstances of Oswald whilst shooting the rifle. The claim based on Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney's findings states that Oswald 'hid' himself behind boxes and also used the boxes as an aiming mechanism so that he could...