Extremes and Social Satbility

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I agree with the speaker that the response of a society to the extremes of human behavior determines whether the society is stable. However, the response is only one respective of this issue and there are also other facts contribute to social stability such as education, wealthy, and conventional mores.

The extremists are often the threaten to the stability of a society, who usually give greatly bad influence to our social and economical development, therefore how to refrain the extremists from doing the action which can give our society lost is a popular topic of legislation. The strict regulation can server as a prohibition to deter one who want to commit egregious criminal conduct from really doing so. If we formulate more severe regulation to chastise the extremists, some extremists will consider more before they commit the grave criminal as the result; our society will keep more stable.

However, not only our response to the seriously bad behavior but education wealthy and moral is also the important facts which exert great influence on the social stability and we can not ignore too.

In the first place, education is a vital factor in determining the social stability. If the average educational level is high in a society, the chance the society is not stable will be very low. Enlightened person knows how to respond at certain difficult condition, they can control their motion rationally and reasonably, and they will scrutinize the consequence before they begin to do it.

In the second place, wealthy and conventional morals are also very important to keep the social stability. Many criminals break law to get money insofar as they are almost the bottom-line of the society, they have no ways to earn enough money to support some emergency. However, what is more important...