F.Sionil Jose's My Brother, My Executioner. This essay analyzes the character's conflicts.

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Discuss the issues involved in the conflicts between Luis and Victor, and between Luis and Do Vicente. Analyze the roots of these conflicts and their outcomes.

Ever since Luis had hated his father, and Vic, his half brother, felt the same. They grew up in the same house, living together and they were close as ever. It was true until one day; one of the servants of the man in the big red house was outside their home. It started even the night before when his grandfather have started over dinner. One decision was all it took and changed everything.

Growing up, Victor has always looked up to his half-brother, Luis. Obviously noticing that they were dissimilar, and knowing they are from different fathers, Vic knew that Luis would one day be away and might never come back. This, does not, however really made them feel any less of brothers while growing up.

They believed in each other, and trusted each other. They were all they got. Simply, they were, in some way, happy and content living that way, with their mother and grandfather, living each day, day by day, as they come.

One decision. The decision that he will move custody with his father, it was what her mother told him to, after all. Indeed, Luis was surprised that he heard it from his own mother, but the latter thought it would be best for him. He will be well-off and educated, and this was what her mother referred to would be substantial so that they do not make mistakes their grandfather has made. It was hard for Luis to be away from them, he was raised there, his heart belonged there. This is where it all changed.

Luis was able to study and finish...