Facilitating Group Interaction

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Learning teams are forced upon us at the University of Phoenix. Good learning teams are not formed overnight; they are developed through interaction over an undetermined period. Group interaction is considered a key learning tool by the University of Phoenix and is required in all on-campus courses. Unfortunately, since students are forced to work in groups and do not always have the time or ability to choose who we must interact with. The development of a group can be better understood through group specific evaluations. The factors of size, frequency of interaction and structural features of the group have a direct impact to the developmental process. Learning teams are built with a number of interdependent individuals with different personalities that have a common focus on accomplishing a specific goal or mission. The purpose of this paper is to discuss group interaction in my learning team and focus on the points of identifying my strengths and weaknesses in working with my learning team.

Secondly, Conflict management techniques that have been the most effective for my learning team or those techniques that I believe would work best with my team. The final point of the paper will discuss effective group decision-making skills and problem-solving techniques used by the team.

When attempting to identify my strengths and weaknesses in working with my learning team there are a number of different factors to consider. A definite weakness of mine in regard to working with my learning team is my personality type, I am a independent person. I do not prefer to work in groups and professionally I never do. I truly enjoy working alone. Another weakness I have when working in my learning team is my listening skills. I find it almost impossible to listen to another individual without judging them. A strength...