What are the factors that discourage African Americans from pursuing graduate degrees? What impact will it have on the future?

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There are a multitude of factors contributing to African Americans not pursuing business graduate degrees. The career benefits of pursuing a graduate degree are sometimes concealed behind the financial burden of graduate school for some African Americans. The rise in cost of advance degrees is a hindrance and to go into debt for a graduate degree that comes with no guarantee to ascertain a position to balance out the financial investment counts as a big deterrent. Paying for an undergraduate degree can be a burden on some families so the encouragement to continue on to graduate school is not always an option. The prime directive of most African Americans is to finish undergrad studies and obtain a position to pay off there college debts. Some might need to alleviate the financial burden their family might have endured sending them to college. So to extend their time as a student might not be an option.

In some major business market areas for example New York, Chicago and California the market to utilize a graduate degree for advancement is more assessable. In this business market major companies have been predisposed to favor employees with advance degrees for their managerial and executive positions. In the secondary employment market with smaller companies and a smaller hiring pool an advanced degree would not be a prerequisite to move up the ladder of success. This is a considering factor for the African American graduate that decides not to pursue the position in the fortune 500 company in the major city. The career goals of the graduate play a big part on the decision to ascertain a graduate degree.

The educational challenges that some African American people have had to endure over the years have assisted in hiding the benefits of acquiring a graduate degree. The...