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A fake I.D.: a piece of fraudulent identification that is illegally used. The use of fake ids is becoming increasingly popular at universities, nationwide. What is the cause of this fake id explosion? They are easier to get now than they ever have before. According to District Attorney Fox, in the county for Chapel Hill, fake ID's are going for "$30 a pop."(Kauffman) Why do students go to all the hassle and pay anywhere from $30 to $100 just for an id? Why else, they want to drink. It's the "in thing" to do at college and when you move away from your sheltered life with your parents, and want to make new friends at a bar or club and you don't meet the age requirements, then you're left out in the cold.

College is a new beginning, most students move out of town some even out of state where they are forced to make new friends, and what a better way to socialize then to join the crowd and knock back a few beers at a bar or club.

The problem then again arises that most bars don't allow minors in and there is a greater selection of bars than clubs or places where someone 18 can get in. This can be very dangers, and as stated by Chief of police in Scranton, "Bars' enforcement of drinking age can be lax. False ID's are common, & legal-age friends are often willing to buy drinks & bring them back to the table."(Cohen)

Authorities are doing all they can to stop minors from possessing alcohol. According to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control board, "Minors who carry false ID's" can get their "driver's license suspended for 90 days for the 1st offense, 1 year for the 2nd, and 2 years for...