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Equality in marriages has been the primary focus of many studies, with results consistently finding that inequality in marriages has continued to be the norm. However, results have also shown that both husbands and wives agree that a model marriage is one in which husbands and wives share responsibilities at home, even when both partners have jobs. The definition of equality is, ?having no advantage on either side or even? (Webster?s Dictionary, 1991). Despite this characterization of equality, it?s meaning varies from couple to couple. Since women have entered the work force, a great many changes relating to equality have occurred amid the family structure. The roles that partners take on during the ?second shift?s as result of this change will be discussed.

More so than fathers, mothers have a tendency to make more of the adaptations required to incorporate paid work and family life (Baker, 2001). There are a variety of ways in which a mother may avoid or lessen the burden of the ?second shift?.

However, many may be unappealing to those women who want to continue employment after having had children. Mothers have limited options that may include working part time or utilizing childcare services. Recognizably, fathers are fully capable to make similar sacrifices, though it is rare that men will disrupt their work schedule to balance this conflict (Baker, 2001). Though many women are content to work part time, it has been generally assumed by employers that mothers are more likely to make sacrifices such as leaving work for a family emergency more so than fathers. This has resulted in more paid work for men and less paid work for women, including part time work.

Unfortunately as, ?this pattern of more paid work for fathers and less for mothers is perpetuated, women will continue to experience...