Family Violence Overview

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Valerie S Watson

Dr Fran Di Rosa


September 17, 2014

Reflections # 1

Family Violence Overview

Family Violence is the use, or threatened use of physical force, violence, a deadly weapon, sexual assault, or the intentional destruction of property. It is behavior that has the intent or impact of placing a victim in fear of physical injury, and a pattern of behavior resulting in emotional and psychological abuse, economic control, and /or any interference directed towards a current or former spouse or a person with whom the abuser shares a child in common or a current or former intimate partner. Most family violence stems from childhood through adulthood and is considered mostly a learned behavior passed down through the years from generation to generation. There are several reasons why child abuse went largely unnoticed for so long. One main reason is the ability of the family, keeping secrets, the other is the fact that many children hid their bruises for out of fear.

In most cases there is a repeated cycle of abuse being passed down the line.

Although there are many different forms of abuse, the three that stand out are more prevalent in America's society today. Physical, psychological, and verbal abuse all have equally devastating effects on its victims. (1) Physical abuse is defined as involving contact intended to cause pain, injury, or other physical suffering or harm. Some basic basic examples of physical abuse are striking, pushing, pulling, or strangling. It can range from restraint to murder. With indicators of unexplained welts, bruises, fractures, lacerations and abrasions. It can also mean putting the victim at risk of being injured or necessities towards their well-being. (2) Psychological abuse involves verbal or nonverbal behavior that negativity effects ones psyche or emotional well-being. The abuser might act...