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Farewell: Goodbye, leaving, parting, departure. Thats what many of you think when hearing the word "Farewell", but when I hear the word I think of a local band. Farewell consists of band members Jesse Mattes, Erik Nagel, Gavin Murphy, Sam Saccone and Ty Gable. The band got its start when Sam, Eric and "butter- cup" started writing songs in Erik's basement. Later, the 3 guys met up with Gavin through a friend of Erik's. The guys decided to start a band and called themselves B-Team. While playing at a local talent show the band met bass and guitar player Ty and Jesse, "butter- cup" turns to drugs and later leaves the band. Ty and Jesse join the band and they change their name to Farewell. Gavin found the name when searching through the dictionary.

Farewell is just a bunch of fun loving guys that have a passion for music and love to make you smile.

Their also 5 totally different guys with their own minds and opinions. The guys gave me their personal definitions of punk rock and I got back some original answers. Ty Gable- rock that is punk. Sam Saccone- having fun eating chicken N biscuit. Jesse Mattes- fast music. Gavin Murphy- Just playing music that you like and not caring what others think is cool. Erik Nagel- Milk Duds and Tar tar sauce. I guess its true what they say opposites attract.

The guys put a lot of work into their band with practice twice a week.

Their own creativity, originality, plain old dedication to the band and each other. One of the most challenging things farewell dose is when they write songs together.

"Its frustrating because everyone's fighting and getting into each others shit. There really are no sides, its every man for himself" -Sam Saccone. It might be a challenge for farewell to write songs together but it all seems to work out in the end. They have more or less a "poppy punk" sound, with their two lead singers, rocking the mic Erik Nagel and Sam Saccone, give farewell an original twist.

If you haven't heard already, farewell has there own 5 track CD the title is "I love you. Youre prefect. Its over." Its a kick ass CD and It would be a cheap and worth while investment. So go pick up a copy at one of their shows or go to their web site. Its said to be that theyre coming out with a full length EP in the fall of 2002.

Fans, a label and touring are just some of what Farewell hopes for in the future. If the guys could do an ultimate show with 3 other bands they would most likely want to play with musical inspirations such as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Home- grown. Farewell are in a league of their own with there upbeat personalities and kick ass sound. Their music definitely speaks for its self.