Analysis of the song "Blower's Daughter."

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The lyrics of the blower's daughter, a song by Damien Rice, portray a person's emotional state while going through a breakup. The uneasiness of coping the loss, filled with mixed feelings of sadness, blame, helplessness, hatred and denial, is well described as an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the song.

The song never reveals the identity of the blower's daughter but rather keeps it vague. This effectively allows the listeners to relate to the song since everyone has the special someone from the past that they cannot let go of. And the "Blower's Daughter" is a reminder of those vague memories. Furthermore, the repetitive lyrics that is concise and easy to understand, surely helps to bring out emotional involvement from the listeners.

A climax of the song is in the fifth stanza where a dreamy voice of women beautifully sings the words of farewell 'did I say that I love you? did I say that I want to leave it all behind?'.

The contradictory nature of the beautiful voice singing the cold words of farewell sends out a powerful message that there is no faith left in their relationship, it is over.

The gloomy melody, slow rhythm and use of poetic words all combine together and make the song 'the blower's daughter' an instant gateway to heartbreaking memories of past for the listeners.