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Jesse Raiola

Farmers Market vs. Supermarket

In today's society, people value food as an absolute necessity. Most people observe the nutrition in food and strive to become healthier. However, choosing healthier food comes at a price. Shopping at a Farmers market to most people is a virtue. To others, they simply do not have the time or money to take hours spent choosing healthier options. These are the people who go to a local supermarket. Supermarkets tend to significantly reduce the shopping time of their customers while allowing them to achieve all of their shopping needs. The truth is, rationality is being used more often in supermarkets rather than in a farmers market. However, does rationality always lead to positive results? Or can irrationality become present if certain systems are not operating the way they should.

In my study I realized people shopping at a supermarket tend to be very rushed.

Most customers don't take the time to examine the food they buy and they seem to just throw it in the cart and move on to another section. Also, the produce section in a supermarket is filled with varieties of fruits and vegetables. However, consumers do not seem to be as interested in that section as they do the deli or even the bakery. Granted, people do take advantage of the produce section because whatever they need is most likely there. However, shoppers manage to spend little time observing the produce as opposed to seeing what looks good and tossing it into the bag. Most of the produce in a supermarket was shipped in from places such as California and Canada. This packaging and shipping diminishes most of the nutritional value involved as pesticides and preservatives are added in order to keep the produce clean while being shipped.