Fashion Of The 19th Century

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The Fashion of the 19th century in England was called The Victorian era, The most noticeable change in fashions at the beginning of this period was the dropping of the waistline of women's clothing to the position of a woman's natural waist. The high wasted dresses in the early 1820s had hid stomachs but with the natural waistline, corset use began in sincerity. Women laced themselves tighter and tighter as this fifteen-year period progressed.

A few jacket bodices were separate garments from the skirts, but most bodices had the skirt attached in gathers. Bodices themselves often showed gathers as the top layer, but the under construction was generally tightly fit to the body. Bodice gathers and decorations emphasized a V look and as the period progressed the base of the V dipped to slightly under the waist in a fashion that was called ala Marie Stuart.

For men the fashion in 19th century England was very sedate, which reflected on the economics of the time.

Men would never where there caps indoors, they felt it was rude and disrespectful, but outdoors they'd always have on a hat.

Children, especially wealthy children, would often dress fancy, they'd were formal clothes even when they would go out and play. These clothes would be very uncomfortable. Mothers in the late 19th century dressed their boys in Little Lord Fauntleroy suits, fancy velvet suits with lace collars. Often the boys had curls or long hair and to balance such fancy outfits they would have their picture taken with decidedly boyish artifacts such as a toy cannon, or in this case an early tricycle.