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Every human needs a balanced and healthy diet. A balanced and healthy diet is necessary for everyone to keep his/her health in good condition.

Nowadays, in our society fast food restaurants are gaining popularity and most people are using their products because of their easy access and own prices. Unfortunately all of their products are made of unhealthy substances and that's how they cause damage to our health. I agree that fast food has no place in a healthy society. Even though it has bad influence to our health, people still eat the same kind of food neglecting the healthier meal.

Fast food causes damage to our health. For example when a person eats a sandwich from a fast food restaurant he/she most often eats that sandwich while walking. While walking the stomach cannot perform its digestion process properly and when we eat during walking the food will stay inside our stomach for a long time and it causes stomach weakness.

Once the stomach gets weak then it gets a direct affect on our health.

Secondly, fast food contributes to various diseases. First of all, all fast food includes extra amount of calories, which cause to weight gain. Once someone gains extra weight then he/she use medicines to lose that extra weight and the use of medicines for losing weight is harmful to one's Health and it contributes to other diseases. Also fast foods are rich in cholesterol and sugar. Extra amount of cholesterol produces heart disease while the sugar produces the disease of diabetes. So, basically fast food produces heart disease, diabetes and stomach diseases. There are lot more negative affects on the health by eating fast food.

Fast food is destroying our society. Fast food not only produces health problems but it also creates economic problems. When majority...