Fast Food Nation: Policies to curb risks in Food Purchases, Based on reading the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser.

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If there is one comment I would like to make right at the get go, based on my reading

of the book "Fast Food Nation", it would be that Eric Schlosser's commentary was boring

but in the ultimate analysis a revelation to consumers like me, who blindly indulge in fast food without even inkling as to what lies beneath the surface. Indeed what troubled me most was not the fact that fast food is a ubiquitous servant, available anywhere and everywhere, but that the parts used in the making of the hamburgers came from worn out dairy cows, which can technically contain parts of a large number of cows thereby increasing the probability that pathogens might trigger off an outbreak of food borne illnesses. Finally in a chilling reminder that packaging and taste go a long way in hooking young kids into the habit, was the reality that the fast food industry was dependent on the services of the billion dollar flavor industry, which manufacture and sell the complex chemicals that give distinctive flavors to processed foods such as "smoky" chicken, "strawberry" shakes and even "flame-broiled" burgers.

With such a plethora of artificial and natural flavor's used to mask questionable food products and producers, I as a Catering Technology student was faced with a question, of how as a catering manager in an operation, I could put policies in place to ensure or at least minimize the risks in purchasing food from the market place.?

Policy Promulgation

To ensure the success of any restaurant, the maintenance of quality control is of primary importance. As a responsible manager of a catering operation I will ensure that a three pronged policy protocol is in place to ensure safety right from the producers/suppliers I deal with, procedural specifications regarding how the purchases...