"Fatherhood Is Very Important"

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Fatherhood Is Very Important

There are a lot of homeless children living on the streets and raising themselves without parents. They do not have a choice, but what about children, teenagers and families who have choice and picked living separately? Fatherlessness is defined as Children living apart from their biological fathers. Forty present of children living in the USA do not live with their father and more then half of the children are likely to spend a significant portion of their childhood living apart from their fathers. Researchers reported "half of the children from disrupted families hadn't seen their fathers at all in the past year and nearly one in five children in female-headed families hadn't seen their fathers in five years." (Thisdelle 25) So does every child need a father? The answer is simple: "yes" but our society's answer is "no". People should realize that fatherhood is as important as being a mother and should change our society's answer from "no" to "yes."

We cannot forget that fatherhood is made up of both a biological and social dimension. Dads are just as much responsible for raising their children as is mom. We all know that after babies are born they are more attached to their moms than to their dads but that is because they were directly connected for nine months, a relationship which they would never have with their father. It does not mean that dad is done with his job. All children need a father. They need somebody to play with, and then somebody who can teach them how to tie their shoelaces and even when they are adults they still ask for advice.

A big cultural problem, which we should fight, is that people are getting divorces or live in separation very often. People think that...