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The 8th liberal budget was delivered to Australia on the 12th of May 2003, by treasurer Peter Costello with a much debatable response from the public. Various factors have effected Costello's probable last shot at shaping Australia's future, however how different is it really in comparison to the other 7 budgets produced by Australia's highest taxing government?

Some of the major projections for Australia would be the boosted $15 billion towards Australia's National security which came at the serious sacrifice of our future generations education. In this time of terror and mayhem in the world it is a smart decision to increase the money for our defence but to what extent and at what sacrifice?

The future of our nation is of course the young and upcoming children and with the current budget Australia's path is in the direction of a classed society.

When wealthy families have the advantage over the less wealthy families to a higher education, various unwanted national consequences occur. Firstly, Australia will start on the dreaded track of the rich getting richer as they buy their education and inherit their wealthy parents assets and business, while the poor will find it a lot more difficult to get ahead knowing about the large bill waiting for them. How can the setting up of learning institution as business's possibly have a fair outcome? As Mr Nelson has stated, "we have finally set universities free by allowing them to set their own fee." This will only result in dramatically higher annual H.E.C.S. fees that can leave those less wealthy and independent students with debts that will be daunting on them for years.

The current unacceptable 6% of unemployed persons is another task that is always being thought about. The liberal Government forecasts...